Dinosaur Erotica Author Alara Branwen Reveals Her Fantasies And T-Rex Sex Secrets

Dinosaur Erotica Author Explains Why T-Rexes Are Sexually Frustrated

Earlier this week, the Internet found out there's a market for prehistoric heavy petting.

But who's behind dinosaur erotica and its titillating tales of veloci-rapture? HuffPost Weird spoke with Alara Branwen, co-author of works such as Taken by the T-Rex, Ravished by the Triceratops and In the Velociraptor's Nest.

Branwen said she and co-author Christie Sims, both in their early 20s, write under pseudonyms and won't be revealing their true identities anytime soon.

"Do you really think we are crazy enough to publish what we publish under our own names?" she asked.

Even so, we got the down and dirty about dinosaur-human lovin' and the fans who read about it:

HuffPost Weird News: How did you and Christie meet?

Branwen: We were assigned to the same dorm room two years ago, and since then we have been best friends.

How did you get started writing erotica?

I was working a crappy supermarket job that didn’t even make me enough money to pay my bills from college. I was complaining to my coworker about my lack of money when he told me about how people were self-publishing fiction online.

This friend who had actually read my writing before, told me I might be pretty good at writing erotica. So I thought, “Hey, maybe I can do that.” I did my research, and wrote my first story, which was a story involving a dragon having sex with a human girl titled, “Doing the Dragon.”

Within a month I was making more [money] writing erotica than I was at my crummy job. So I quit my job and started writing erotica full-time. I also scaled back from full-time to part-time at my college.

Christie saw how much money I was making with erotica and she wanted to join in. That long and winding road has led us to become the dynamic duo of beast sex!

You often hear that "Fifty Shades of Grey" is targeted at middle-aged women. Who is the target demographic for dinosaur erotica?

You know, we are not really sure. When we first started writing it, we thought we were writing it for women. Since we have published it however, we have had a lot of fan mail from both men and women of all ages. We have a few more men than women, I would say the percentage would be about 60% men /40% women. All of the readers, that we know of, seem to be between the ages of 21 and 65.

Why are people aroused by dino-boning?

I think it’s because dinosaur erotica appeals to our more base, carnal natures. Some people also probably like the idea of a big, powerful, massive male roughly having sex with a smaller female. It’s like the ultimate sexual experience with an alpha male, which is something that we are all inherently wired to enjoy. At least, I think so anyway.

Your Amazon bio notes that you write "from personal experience." Care to elaborate?

I have loads and loads of nasty sex with T-rexes and raptors. You have no idea how long it takes to clean up the messes…

OK, maybe that isn’t entirely true. But actually I was raised in a fairly open-minded household and I learned about sex at a young age. Christie was the same way. Also, Christie and I are both into some of what would be considered “kinky” things (not together). I am into some light BDSM and a few other fetishes that I won’t go into deep detail with. Christie is into some of the heavier dungeon bondage stuff as well as some “toy play.”

But my fantasies in the bedroom have helped fuel my writer’s imagination.

Are the short arms of a T-rex a problem in the bedroom?

Sadly yes, the shorter arms make it hard for the creature to balance himself. That limits the positions that he can take part in. Any part of the kama sutra that requires holding your partner are out of the question. That’s usually fine though, the power in his hind legs more than make up for his lack of upper-body support.

Short arms are also why male T-rexes are the most voracious in looking for mates. They can’t “relieve themselves” by themselves, so they have to have someone “help them,” if you know what I mean.

Which dino is the best cuddler?

A brontosaurus, of course. Those great big longnecks are just big snuggly bears!

Do dinos use protection?

With each other they do. However, when it comes to interspecies relations, nah. They can’t catch any puny, non-dino social diseases, and since they are a different species than who they are sleeping with, they can’t get their partners pregnant (or vice-versa).

All of your stories appear to be about female humans and male dinosaurs. Do you have any plans to write the reverse? What about same-sex pairings?

Christie and I have very seriously thought about doing something along those lines, especially same sex pairings. We have mainly done male creature/female human because that was where the market was. However, if we try it and it does well, we will most definitely do same-sex pairings and male human/female creature stories.

What's in the future for you and Christie? What comes after dinosaur erotica?

Well we are planning to do a few more dinosaur erotica stories in the near future. But after that we plan to go back to doing more fantasy creature erotica.

After we reach a certain number of short stories/novels, Christie and I both plan to retire from the monster porn business. Once that day comes I plan to take up writing for games again, and perhaps write science fiction, fantasy, and romance stories. Christie plans to write a series of urban fantasy novels.

Where can we see more of your writing?

You can see more of our writing on our Amazon author page.

I am also going to start putting snippets of new stories up on my blog. You can also get sneak peaks into upcoming stories by signing up for my newsletter.

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