Times are changing, but unfortunately, that change is coming at a price. The hate crimes in New York made national news, and this past weekend two gay men in Columbus, Ohio, were attacked and beaten. I have read several articles stating that this is more than likely the result of homosexuality becoming more accepted, and these individuals are afraid of that change and what their place will be in this new climate of acceptance. I agree, but let's face it: When it comes right down to it, these individuals are just cowards, plain and simple.

They are cowards because these attacks normally are never one-on-one' it's always many attacking one or few, or, as in one case in New York, a coward walking up to a gay man and shooting him with no warning. Plus, these cowards also prey on who they feel are weak or "feminine."

What are these cowards so afraid of? Some would say that these cowards have unresolved homosexual feelings, and this is their sick way of dealing with those feeling. I'm sure for some of these cowards, that is true. The other ones are just bullies who are afraid of what becomes of them when they can no longer bully someone they see as less than them.

Either way, I feel sorry for these cowards. I feel sorry for them because it is obvious by their actions they are not happy with themselves. Their way of making themselves feel better about their lives is to bring pain and misery to others. That relief is fleeting and doesn't heal their pain. For the survivors of their beatings, their wounds will heal, and with the support of their family, friends and community, they will overcome the experience.

These cowards think that by attacking individuals in our community, they will force us back into the closet and make us weak. They are mistaken. These beatings, as disturbing and heart-wrenching as they are, will only make us stronger and fight harder for acceptance. Every attack shows us how much further we have to go. The fight is not over until we no longer hear about members of our community being attacked for just being themselves. Don't let these cowards make us afraid. We are stronger and braver than they are.

To the cowards out there: Your days of bullying are numbered, if they are not over already. Your actions will be rejected, and not just by our community but by the rest of the world as well.

You are dinosaurs, and remember what happened to the dinosaurs? Just in case you don't know, they went extinct.

This blog post originally appeared on Diary of a Drag Queen's Husband.