Dion Anthony, Memphis Cop, Allegedly Broadcast Sex Over Radio (VIDEO)

Here is some advice from Memphis, Tenn., Sergeant Karen Rudolph that might have saved a police officer accused of having sex in his squad car a bit of trouble:

"Anytime you communicate via a handheld or console microphone you want to remain professional."

That's what Rudolph told MyFox Memphis when asked about officer Dion Anthony, who is accused of broadcasting his on-duty sexual encounter over his police radio.

According to the station, not only could all on-duty officers hear what Anthony was allegedly doing, but so could anyone with a police scanner.

Anthony has been suspended and the audio recording has not been released.

ABC 24 in Memphis got reaction to the burgeoning scandal from local residents.

"I guess that's what they call working overtime,” quipped resident Denett Davis.

Never one to be out-snarked, Perez Hilton gave his take on his website:

"Hopefully he protected himself while serving his partner!" Hilton wrote.