Dionne Warwick Slams Wendy Williams For 'Maliciously Made' Remarks

The music legend pushed back on the talk show host after Williams brought up her marijuana charge from 2002 and commented on her Twitter activity.

Dionne Warwick would like Wendy Williams to stop saying her name.

The 79-year-old singer tweeted about the talk show host on Wednesday, slamming her for what she called “not nice” rhetoric about Warwick on her show this week. Warwick lambasted Williams for her “maliciously made comments” and insisted Williams did not need to be “mean to get noticed.”

In a follow up tweet, Warwick also suggested that Williams would “catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

Warwick responded to Williams’ tear about her on Wednesday’s episode of “The Wendy Williams Show.”

Williams mentioned Warwick’s recent activity on Twitter. “She’s a beautiful woman,” Williams said. “She doesn’t like me, though. I know she doesn’t like me.”

The 56-year-old said Warwick was only a “friend of the show” when she had something to promote but added, “Once she gets off the show, you know, she’s probably like, ‘Bitch.’ It’s OK, Miss Warwick. It’s OK.”

Williams also addressed Warwick’s tweeting habits. Warwick posted a video confirming that she personally tweets from her own account after rumors swirled that Warwick had a ghost-tweeter. She added that her niece taught her to tweet.

“I totally believe that she is doing her own tweeting, but I think that Brittani is her right hand,” Williams said, referring to Warwick’s niece, Brittani Warwick. “Like, after Aunt Dionne does what she wants, after midnight, maybe after some bud.”

The reference was to Warwick being charged with possession of marijuana in the early aughts, which was later dropped.

Williams gave more detail about the 2002 incident. “Well, you remember, a few years ago, Aunt Dionne was stopped at the Miami airport trying to get back to Jersey, and, you know, Jersey now has the bud, but Miami is buddier. Look, ... TSA stopped Aunt Dionne and opened up a lipstick tube and found four, excuse me, 11 pre-rolled joints. Oh, yeah, they got the dog on it. It was weed.”

The host took it a step further and claimed that Warwick was likely still smoking marijuana “after midnight” with “a little chardonnay.” She later said that she was “only having fun” and that she thinks it’s “a great thing” that Warwick knows how to stay “relevant.”

“I think that if you’re a person of a particular age, you need to social media, and you need to get down sometimes and talk at these kids,” she said before suggesting that Warwick’s niece should continue to help her. “But you need somebody young in your family just to make sure, you know, you’re coming off correct.”

Williams has not responded to Warwick’s tweets or said anything further about her since then.

HuffPost has reached out to Williams for comment.

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