Dirk Nowitzki Mocks Donald Trump In Fake Ad Campaign

"I'm Dirk Nowitzki and I approve this message."

Dirk Nowitzki for president?

The Dallas Mavericks forward starred in a hilarious spoof campaign ad where he dons a wig that resembles Donald Trump's hair and mentions the idea of building a wall.

But Nowitzki just wants to build a "wall of noise" to excite Mavericks fans, not join in on whatever the hell Donald Trump has in mind.

In the video, Nowitzki mocks the 2016 presidential candidate's outlandish rhetoric and mannerisms.

"I'll make literally billions and billions of baskets," the forward says in the video. "I'mma score so many points it'll make your head spin."

Nowitzki should note that if he needs any help with that wall he might want to contact Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy.


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