10 Dirty Spots In Your Home In Desperate Need Of Your Attention

Out of sight, out of mind.

Most people have pretty solid routines when it comes to cleaning their homes. And it usually involves tackling the same spaces over and over: the kitchen countertops, the bathroom vanity, vacuuming the floor -- you get the idea.

But there are many spots in our homes that don't make their way into our regular cleaning routines. And those spaces are in serious need of attention.

With a new season comes the opportunity to freshen up your space. So without further ado, why don't you take a moment to address:

1. The grimy area behind your toilet.

2. The space underneath your bathroom vanity.

3. The mounds of dust collecting behind your TV.

4. Your curtains that haven't been laundered for years.

5. The top of your fridge.

6. The spit stains on your bathroom mirror.

7. The cobwebs gathering on your ceiling.

8. The inside of your oven.

9. Under your bed.

10. The food-stained shelves in your fridge.

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