Dirty Leaflet Campaign Launched Against Clinton

A leaflet scattered about Grand Rapids, Michigan today is urging voters to "let your voice be heard"... so long as that voice isn't for Hillary Clinton.

The patriotically-themed, seemingly professionally produced leaflet I held in my hand at first appeared to be the work of the Michigan Democratic Party, who I presumed was attempting to get out the vote for Tuesday's primary. I'd found it on the windshield of my car, and the same leaflet was on every car in the parking lot following an afternoon basketball game. At first, I thought it was the handiwork of Ron Paul supporters.

Instead, the elusively-authored document reveals an organization that is either undeniably intent on delivering a full-faced bitch slap to Hillary Clinton, or just overrun with completely incompetent interns.

"Attention Michigan Voters!!," the leaflet proclaims. "Whether you're a Republican, Democrat, or Independent...THIS AFFECTS YOU!!!"

"Our fundamental rights as voters are being ignored. If your candidate does not appear on the ballot...KNOW WHAT TO DO."

Okay, okay...a bit melodramatic, but pretty much reasonable. Now here's the real kicker:

"Let your voice be heard - VOTE 'UNCOMMITTED.'"

because Hillary's the only candidate on the ballot(Cough)...

Although the leaflet features the Michigan Democratic Party logo, it is unclear who is behind this latest tactic. In recent days and weeks, campaign teams for Edwards and Obama as well as several influential Michigan Democrats - most notably Congressman John Conyers - have launched campaigns urging voters to "Vote Uncommitted" in the exceedingly undemocratic Democratic Primary.

Yes, thanks to the ineptitude of both the state and national Democratic parties, our Jan. 15 Democratic primary ballot will include all of the Democratic front-runners, except for Barack Obama and John Edwards. Thus, Hillary the nuclear weapon effectively faces all the opposition that the cap guns of Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel and now-withdrawn Chris Dodd can muster.

Making no mention of that fact, the author of the leaflet states that "voting 'uncommitted' gives your candidate a fighting chance this don't have to be registered as a Democrat to vote in the Democratic Presidential Primary. Ask for a Democratic ballot at your polling place." What the document does not say, however, is that "voting 'uncommitted'" is, effectively a sabotage vote against Hillary Clinton, who will certainly not gain any kind of "fighting chance this summer" if an overwhelming number of Michiganders vote "no" on what is essentially a referendum on the exceedingly controversial senator from New York.

Now THAT, Hillary, might be something to cry about.

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