'Dirty Sexy Politics': Meghan McCain's New Memoir

Meghan McCain's memoir, "Dirty Sexy Politics," hit stores yesterday, but if you don't want to slog through all 194 pages, we've picked out some highlights.

On The 2000 Presidential Campaign (Daily Beast):

"I told her [my sister Bridget] I believed in karma--and that what goes around comes around, and those events will live with President Bush and Karl Rove, his creepy campaign "mastermind," and with the individuals from the Christian Coalition who helped orchestrate it and helped push polls."

On Mitt Romney (

"It was hard to adjust to nice thoughts about Romney, or to stop laughing at him. [He's] the politician whom I most loved to watch and ridicule."

On Mitt Romney's Sons (

"We wondered whether the Five Brothers, the nickname for the Romney sons, could handle the constant drinking and swearing that went on in our campaign - the press corps included. Not to mention all the tawdry stories about crazy-sex you never read about."

On Sarah Palin (Forbes):

"I was waiting for her to explode. There was a fine line between genius and insanity, they say, and choosing her as the running mate was starting to seem like the definition of that line."

On The Palins (Daily Beast):

"The Palins were nice and down-to-earth. I've said that before. And I mean no disrespect to them when I say this, but when they arrived from Alaska and unpacked their bags, they brought dramas, stress, complications, panic, and loads of uncertainty. And they brought a tabloid-attention-getting quality my family has never had--and God willing, never will."

On Hillary Clinton (Daily Beast):

"As a woman, I have to admit that I admired her dogged energy and amazing encyclopedic brain. She won all the debates, as far as I was concerned, while Obama always seemed out of his depth and foggy. Every time Hillary opened her mouth, even if she wasn't actually saying something serious, she seemed impressive, so articulate and razor sharp."

On Being Republican (Forbes):

"Being Republican is not a lifestyle choice. And it doesn't mean you can't be young, or gay, or black, or anything else."

On Jenna Bush's bedroom (Washington Post):

"The size of a dorm room ... there was a creepy painting of two celestial babies -- twins -- that scared me."

On Laura Bush's Frigidness Upon Meeting The McCains (Washington Post):

"For Mrs. Bush, this was one more meeting she had to take during the day."