Goldfish Uses Harness To Help Stay Afloat While Swimming (VIDEO)

We've seen plenty of animals aided by human ingenuity lately: "Flipper," a cat who lucked into a sweet set of wheels, and " Chris P. Bacon," the piglet given a new lease on life with K'Nex toys, rank pretty high on the cute list.

But, as it turns out, we hadn't seen anything yet. Enter this goldfish.

The fish has trouble staying afloat, so her owner -- apparently an aquatic MacGyver -- fashioned her a homemade, floating harness.

The fish's owner posted video of the invention to YouTube in 2010, but the clip has recently gone viral, even appearing on NBC's "Today" Wednesday morning.

The video description on YouTube reads, "[My goldfish] looks a little silly, but it is better than lying at the bottom of the tank all day!" To whichthe Today Show adds, cheekily: "It's [also] better than floating at the top!"

Since the fish can't readily swim up or down to find food, her owner has fed her by hand, a process documented in another YouTube video.

According to The Aquatic Habitat, buoyancy problems are fairly common in goldfish; the issue can often be attributed to a damaged swimbladder.

But not all is lost. According to NPR, many veterinarians are beginning to add "fish medicine" -- including remedies for buoyancy problems -- to their repertoires.

WATCH the original video below: