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Disabled Pig Walks On Its Front Legs (VIDEO)

This pig won't let the world bring him down.

According to the video's Youtube description (as translated by Google Translate), this hog was reportedly born in July without any hind legs, but nonetheless learned to walk.

Nearby Chinese villagers call it "strong pig." And we think it's fair to say he is quite athletic, as he carries all 66 pounds of his own body weight over its head.

But is his talent enough to keep him from becoming bacon? We don't know for sure, but we definitely hope so. If Charlotte could save Wilbur, handstands better be able to save this little guy.

It's also necessary to note that though this video was uploaded just a few days ago, there's always a chance this video is old, or possibly not even real. While it can't be confirmed either way, it's still a sight to see.

Two legs good, four legs bad?