'Disappeared': Woman Killed After Her Release From Police Custody (VIDEO)

On “Disappeared,” it was the story of 24-year-old Mitrice Richardson, whose arrest in 2009 turned out to be but the beginning of her tragic story. Richardson was arrested after she attempted to skip out on paying her bill at an LA-area restaurant.

After the arrest, police called her mother, Latrice Sutton to let her know her daughter had been arrested. Sutton had one simple request for them. As it was after dark, she asked them to keep her daughter at the station until the morning sos he could come and pick her up.

But Richardason was released long before the morning. Tragically, just as Sutton feared, she never made it home.

After an exhaustive, 11-month search, her remains were found in a nearby canyon. What exactly happened to Mitrice Richardson may never be known. The case remains open, yet inactive.

Richardson’s family blamed the police department -- citing negligence. Her parents received a $900,000 settlement from LA County after her remains were discovered., though the county never admitted to any wrongdoing. It did agree to "reevaluate its policies."

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