Disappearing Ink Book: "The Book That Can't Wait" Fades Away After Two Months

New Book Has Disappearing Ink

For less voracious readers and those with busy lives, finishing a book can be an elusive task continually pushed to the bottom of to-do lists, right along with reorganizing a closet and learning French.

A small Argentinean publisher, Eterna Cadencia, has found a way to combat this: They created an ink that begins to fade away after only two months of interaction with light and air.

Is this a gimmicky sales tactic or a creative new means of using technology to make a statement about print books? Appearently the latter - the publisher sold out of their first print run in just one day.

Their disappearing book contains an anthology of works by new Latin American authors.

"If people don't read their first books, they'll never make it to a second," Eterna Cadencia's video says.

Check out a video of "The Book That Can't Wait":

Hat-tip: The Verge

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