Disaster Preparedness Video With A Zombie Apocalypse Theme

WATCH: How To Prepare For The Zombie Apocalypse

Just in time for Halloween (and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy) comes a zombie-themed emergency preparedness video from the Red Cross.

A survival expert with Katniss Everdeen-moxie shows us how to make water drinkable and start a fire. She's also on hand to remind us (gulp!) that dog food is safe for humans and pools and toilets are good sources of water. And it's all done while dodging the undead.

Of course, this video assumes that you've already run out of your three-day emergency supply kit. If you don't have that squared away yet, the Red Cross site has tips on what to keep in the kit and how to prepare your family's disaster plan.

The video doesn't give advice on how to handle ravenous zombies (they're just a ruse to keep us entertained), but the idea isn't so far-fetched. Wednesday, hundreds of military and medical personnel are hosting a training demonstration in San Diego that simulates a zombie apocalypse.

Are you prepared?

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