Disbelievers of Global Warming Cannot Dispute This

You'll see no more dramatic evidence of the effects of climate change than is clearly visible in the film, produced and directed by Jeff Orlowski.
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See the Effects of Global Warming in Film: Chasing Ice

You'll see no more dramatic evidence of the effects of climate change than is clearly visible in the film Chasing Ice, produced and directed by Jeff Orlowski. It tells the compelling story of Jim Balog's five-year journey to record in time-lapse photography the disappearing glaciers on multiple continents.

My husband and I have been hiking glaciers for almost 30 years in Canada, Alaska, and Patagonia, particularly along the Columbia Ice fields in Canada and Alaska, in Glacier National Park in the US , and the National Glacier Park in Chile. We have witnessed first-hand the melting away of these magnificent glaciers, particularly in the past dozen years. We are returning in December to Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina and we are curious to see if we will experience the same shocking disappearance of these magnificent water sheds frozen over thousands of years.

Jim Balog, a contributing photographer at National Geographic Magazine, was originally a skeptic about global warming. He decided to form the Extreme Ice Survey, and set out using his own resources to document the movement of some of the biggest ice fields on earth. He took off for Iceland to set up his time lapse cameras, followed by similar encampments at the Columbia Ice fields in Alaska.

The time lapse photography is eye witness to the speed with which the earth's glaciers are melting away. The stark beauty of these giant ice caps evolves into enormous structures collapsing and flowing into the ocean. It is difficult to imagine the size of these massive structures. As a comparison, these glaciers dwarf the entire island of Manhattan, buildings included, by more than twice the size On film, one witnesses them disintegrating and disappearing in to the ocean, much the same way the Twin Towers crumbled on 911. The effect is devastating. What's important to realize is that the effect of the ice caps melting is causing an alarming rise in oceans, creating more violent storms including tornadoes, hurricanes and unbelievably intense fires. We are experiencing them all here in the United States.

It's time we begin to focus on the solutions we have at hand to reduce carbon dioxide pollution of this planet. Americans in particular need to assess the damage being done by our high consumption of energy. One thing is clear; Chasing Ice documents the rapid acceleration of global warming effects. Wake up Washington! It's time we got serious about reducing our national footprint.

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