Discipline is called for

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Lately we've seen :

  • Banning of 'Burquinis'
  • Banning of Niquabs
  • Banning of 'Blackface' in traditional Morris dancing
  • and many other 'Politically correct' decisions.

Now, is this 'Correct' or just pandering to pressure groups out of some sense of guilt?

Whilst it sounds reasonable, it comes at the expense of tradition and culture. If we allow Burquinis, should we not also allow nudism? both are strongly held beliefs and equally important to the practitioners.

If we allow niquabs in London and pork free school boroughs then that comes at the expense of the local culture which is obliterated to allow a foreign culture to prevail. It's an invasion and takeover by an intolerant minority.

Of course, the Western experiment of multiculturalism is not mirrored in the Muslim countries, so there is another "Why"? They demand we sacrifice our countries and their history in favour of 'Tolerance' that is not reciprocated.

Current projections are that Germany and Sweden will be third world countries in about 10 years - a frighteningly short space of time. This event will reduce most of Europe to civil war and grinding poverty because the invaders seek to lower the standard of living to the caveman mentality they are used to.

Unlike China, Thailand and other third world countries, Muslims have no ambition or work ethic (Just look at their own enclaves), so the Asian economy, as it rises, will have no cheap labour to exploit (Except perhaps Mexico).

So a new version of the world that is perhaps more egalitarian might evolve. Certainly, the Chinese have no time for Muslims or any foreign culture that conflicts with their own. Japan, Russia and others are also staunch defenders of their country and the lifestyle they have.

Europe - Rise up and defend yourselves!

Reality is that the stupid experiment of multiculturalism and political correctness has destroyed Europe. It would take Duterte to sort out the mess and that is not happening anytime soon. Current UK estimates are that it will take 140 years to process all migrants and prepare documentation, so that's not happening either.

Europe dissolves into a lawless wasteland of itinerant Muslims raping and pillaging the land and the people until it devolves into a barren wasteland like South Africa when it returned farms to the native Afrikaners.

Time we renounced multiculturalism, political correctness and celebrated our diversity. Let each live in their choice of country and abide by the laws and lifestyles of their choice.

Celebrate history, for those who forget the lessons of the past are destined to repeat it. Tell the invaders to return home if they do not like it as we quite like what we've built.

Like a spoilt child with a soft and weak parent. Discipline is called for.

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