Bridging The Gap Between Religion And Mental Illness

Ever year, more than 42 million Americans are suffering from at least one form of mental illness. Many who struggle with these issues turn to spirituality to help find guidance during their times of distress. But talking openly about mental illness has not quite lost its stigma, and religious leaders have different approaches to deal with it, further complicating the relationship between religion and mental health.

On Monday, HuffPost Live explored the various ways differing religious sects address mental health and why stigma and misinformation still remain among the faithful. Mike Fewster, a pastor at Virginia's New Life Christian Church, shared his “eye-opening” experience with bipolar disorder and pastor Dianne Young, from Atlanta's Full Gospel Baptist Church, described how her congregation drastically changed after one member took her own life.

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation about the intersection of religion and mental illness above.

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