Discontinued Sodas Now Cost A Fortune On eBay (PHOTOS)

7 Discontinued Sodas That Now Cost A Fortune

We were floored when BuzzFeed featured a can of Surge soda -- which was taken off the market in 2002 -- being sold for $99.99 on eBay.

But it turns out the market for discontinued sodas is far more varied (and expensive) than we'd previously thought. A perusal of eBay revealed a ton more offerings, including 20 oz. bottles of Surge and guaraná-laced Josta, each selling for $250.

Seriously, who's buying this stuff? We feel the need to point out that they're probably not safe to drink -- some of these cans are decades past their expiration date. But, we can't knock the nostalgia factor.

Speaking of which, we could really go for some Crystal Pepsi right now.

Click through the below gallery for some of the craziest mark-ups on discontinued sodas we've ever seen.

Surge ($250 and $99.99)

7 Discontinued Sodas That Now Cost A Fortune

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