Discovering Minimalism

Have you ever felt so inspired, that you just wanted to get rid of everything you own, and start new? No? So I'm the only one? Cool— basically I'm crazy. I knew I was crazy going into things, but I never knew it to be this extreme!

On a serious note, inspiration usually strikes me in the most unexpected instances, and this time, it was no different.

Messy bun.....check. Laptop.....check. Paper and pen.....check.

This is how my sudden urge to change the world typically starts, but has never before ended with such an emotional bang. The process leading up to this inspo-hulk moment was just like any series of events: the ones that come together to bring power to that glorious "ah-ha!" lightbulb. It was like the movies; where you finally reach the end, and everything you thought was going to happen, doesn't, but you're not even mad. The thing that actually happens is so much better than the story you created in your head. was like that.

I'm in a homosexual relationship, and just like any lesbian, or tree-lover, or feminist, for instance, I'm on a mission to change this earth-place we call home. We all want to leave our footprint, and the ones that do, are the ones who's lumberjack outfits get knocked, and who's trees get cut down.

The series of events that lead to great inspiration mentioned above, happened like this:

A few weekends ago, my girlfriend and I took a trip a few hours north of Milwaukee, WI. We rented an AirBnB, and it couldn't have been more perfect. See for yourself here! We went paddle-boarding, ate a ton (literally) of cheese, relaxed in the hot tub, explored nature, and took in a bunch of incense via the sauna. We left feeling rejuvenated, and our relationship flourished as a result. A couple of weekends following this getaway, we attended my cousins' wedding. Let me preface this with the fact that I have a very large extended family, and only a select few members are aware of my relationship (one of them being the bride— thanks again for the invite, cousin!). The rest were meeting my girlfriend for the first time. I also come from a very religious upbringing, so going into it, the disappointment from some family members was already expected. What I did not expect though, was the behavior and negative opinions of those (who will remain titleless) I had come out to over one year ago. Not only was I being judged for my happiness, but in one particular conversation, the direction of my career as well. The vocalization that I am in fact just "lost" searching the world for happiness, broke something inside me. Aren't we all searching the world for happiness? No matter where we are in our microscopic lives, or what we are "doing" with ourselves on a daily basis, we are all reaching for that biggest grin on the spectrum of joy.

For a few days after the wedding, I dwelled on the horrible conversation I had with the family member, and how it made me feel. It was like that, replaying-of-a-really-embarassing-moment-from-five-years-ago, feeling. A conversation you unwillingly replay over and over in your head. Every word, every reaction, and every movement made me feel so sh**ty about small. On top of it all, I felt wrong. I felt like every ounce of my being was so wrong about every decision I've ever made, and I felt this for far too long after.

End series of events.

On a bright note, I finally realized and felt what my girlfriend went (and still is going) through, with her similarily-religious family members; a feeling I was never able to fully empathize. I remembered how fu**ing happy I am with her on a daily basis, and promised myself to not allow someone else's opinion make me question my happiness ever again.

Get on with the point you say? How convenient, as I was just getting there!

In the days I spent after the wedding questioning and living in self-doubt, I found myself making purchases. New shoes, new scarf, and pretty flowers to make myself "feel" happy. Obviously material possessions don't make you truly happy, to be cliché for a moment, so who was I kidding?! Me...I was kidding myself— haha, duh. To the internet I went! Like I always do. On my voyage, YouTube helped me come across a video containing Minimalism. Hmmm...I've heard that word before. To put it simply, Minimalism is a lifestyle in which one lives clutter-free, and with that, allows them to focus on the more important and meaningful aspects that life has to offer. Interesting.

Slowly but surely, my girlfriend and I since have been in the process of boxing up our old, anxiety-ridden lives that existed in the form of clothes never worn, posters never hung, and books never name a few things. Never in 6,594,207 years would we have known we owned as much unnecessary stuff as we do, if it weren't for the recent purge. IT FEELS SO FREEING, and already, we've been coming home to less dishes to wash, more walking space, and most importantly, more room for love, time, and growth. Here’s another video for you to see what we mean!

We believe this newfound aspiration for a happier life will be achieved with the help of a minimalistic viewpoint, perseverance, positivity, and companionship. This is yet the beginning of our journey, but great things are to come. As they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and if that step portrays the symbolistic "footprint" we leave behind, we can sure say that we are willing to have a few of our trees chopped, and our fashion statements turned down. After all...lesbians do wear a lot of plaid.

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