Discovering the Power of Moments

Discovering the Power of Moments
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Well, we have officially crossed over into the second quarter of 2017. This is always an important signal to me that time is moving and that you have to be intentional about your success. It is good to dream and to set goals for our lives. However, without commitment our dreams will quickly become nightmares. I talk with people all the time that are frustrated and living well below their potential. It is a travesty to live knowing that something needs to change but refusing to make the changes. Your life does not get better by simply being hopeful about what is possible. Ultimately, your life gets better by harnessing the power of the mind to create new possibilities for your life. Here are a few key strategies for making the most of every moment in your life.

  • Never enter a day without establishing clear priorities. One of the keys to my success over the years has been my decision to set clear priorities for my life. In fact, I believe that priorities will always determine the progress you make in your life. If you want to create winning moments then you have to get clear about how you will stop wasting moments in your life. Without clear priorities you will live an unorganized and unproductive life. Every day that you step into without perimeters is a day that you will not prosper and thrive. Your days demand priorities. Clear priorities empower you with the capacity to reach your full potential. Your promotion in life will be the result of your priorities.
  • Never put off tomorrow what you have the ability to do today. One of the things that will always separate you from success is excuses. Nothing annoys me more than a person that comes to me full of excuses. The reality is that you are where you are today because of the decisions that you have made. What you put off today will punish you tomorrow. You have to stop sitting back and waiting for success to come to you. One day I decided I was going to take action and produce success in my life. Everything you will ever achieve in life will be because of a bold action that you decided to take. What you do not act on you will ultimately abort. Learn how to master today so you can maximize your tomorrow.
  • Refuse to allow complexities to shrink your capacity. I am a person that loves a good challenge. However, I was not always a person that embraced challenges. At one time in my life I allowed challenges to cripple me and interrupt my progress. As my thinking shifted, I learned to see challenges as opportunities to break through into new realities for my life. Complexities should never shrink your capacity. In fact, I believe that complexities should stretch your capacity. Many of the situations that seemed impossible in my life have served as the catalyst to living beyond limitations. In essence, complexities should not delay advancement in our lives. Complexities should be the doorway to uncommon achievements. Difficulty is often what develops in us the disciplines to produce extraordinary results. Greatness is discovered when you stop looking for the easy way and instead strive to be effective.
  • If you do not guard your moments they will be stolen from you. Time is a precious gift that too many people take for granted. Personally, I know the value of time and I have vowed to protect it. Too many people in the world today live their lives like time is not a factor. The reality is that time waits on no man. It behooves you to redeem the time in your life by making the most of every opportunity. If you do not seize an opportunity it will be snatched from you. More importantly, time is the one thing that you cannot get back. When I really discovered this truth it changed my mindset, my relationships and how I live my life. Time is an agent to be used for the fulfillment of your assignment. If you do not measure time you will misuse this special treasure. Whatever you allow to rob you of time will ultimately rob you of transformation in your life.
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