Discovery's 'Backyard Oil' Cashes In On Hillbilly Trend With Milkshakin' And Moonshine (VIDEO)

What Is Milshakin'?

In case you hadn't noticed, hillbillies are cashing in on their 15 minutes of fame on reality TV. From "Duck Dynasty" to "Moonshiners" to "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," we're in the middle of a redneck revolution.

Discovery has been following another bunch of Kentucky country folk on "Backyard Oil" (season finale airs Tuesday, June 11 at 10 p.m. ET) and The Huffington Post has an exclusive sneak peek at this week's season finale (above), where they're teaching us a new term: milkshakin'.

When someone strikes it rich, the payday could be huge. But if a neighbor gets wind of a sweet drilling spot, it's not unheard for them to try to tap that same well and go "milkshakin'" for a few drops of their own.

The "Backyard Oil" clip shows the guys turning to moonshine, another hillbilly staple, to ease negotiations. "I got the cure for stubborn: It's called shine," says Rascal (of course there's a guy named Rascal. "After a few swigs of shine, I reckon Santy Claus would sign away his reindeer."

Tell us: Do you watch "Backyard Oil" or any of the other hillbilly reality shows?

Here's Discovery's official description of the episode:

Milkshakin’: High Roller Jimmy Reliford’s got his eye on an oil lease, potentially worth ten million bucks. Only trouble is, the owner is the stubbornest coot in three counties! Jimmy fails to secure the lease, but Rascal sneaks in and uses his hillbilly know-how to steal the lease right out from under him. Jimmy doesn’t like to be messed with, so he challenges Rascal to a bet. Rascal will drill on his new lease, and Jimmy will drill on the one next door. Whoever strikes oil first gets both properties - and all the black gold that comes along with it. With Jimmy’s experienced drill crew by his side, and Rascal utilizing his "rascal-y" ways, this is gonna be one hell of a fight. Let the games begin!

The season finale of "Backyard Oil" airs Tuesday, June 11 at 10 p.m. ET.

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