Discovery Channel's Latest Treachery Has Left Me Gobsmacked

I am a producer and TV series creator with 11 Emmy nominations forging a next generation model for independent content distribution. This scares the networks because it would make them dinosaurs. So, Discovery Channel is trying to crush me.

You see, my rights have been violated by two international media conglomerates. They are a brazen and malicious multi-continent enterprise who have clandestinely conspired (allegedly) to take my ideas, my creations, my thoughts, and the content of my series, This vs That, without paying me.

It's egregious and malevolent.

(You can read the backstory, HERE)

And now that their (alleged) deceit and treachery have been exposed, they refuse to engage in a meaningful discussion that would avoid litigation. In fact, in two separate letters, my attorney has offered settlement proposals... and twice they have been rebuffed.

Rather than say they are sorry, make amends, and compensate me fairly for my work, Discovery and Beyond prefer protracted and expensive litigation.

And why have these two media titans decided to litigate instead of settle? It is my contention that they are bullies who can't accept blame for transgressions and they have the kind of riches that make oil sheiks blush. There's a term we use in showbiz -- and it's typically used to describe a writer or producer who is so rich that they don't have to take a network executive's notes on a project, because they don't fear getting fired -- we call it "F*ck You Money."

Well, Discovery and Beyond have "F*ck You Money" X Infinity... Squared (This is not an allegation. This is a 100% true fact. Maybe).

So -- what has left me gobsmacked?

Discovery and Beyond, I allege, have taken several more of my ideas, content and copyrighted work and used them as content for their series, Mythbusters -- along with all the other content, previously detailed here.

According to Discovery's website, the episode of Mythbusters they plan to air in the US on Saturday, February 15th is called "Laws of Attraction." In this episode, they plan to do experiments to determine if men prefer blonds, the effects, if any, of having big breasts, do pheremones work and does a man's wealth really woo women?

Sounds like a fun sexy show, right?

Only, here's the thing: in 2012 I created a show for Playboy TV called "The Truth About Sex." There are 10 half-hour episodes that I produced. And guess what? I did all of those experiments Mythbusters is planning to show their audience! You can see them here, here and here.

So -- not only did I do those four experiments previously, BUT... on May 6th, 2012, I was asked to send Discovery a copy of a presentation for a new show I created called... wait... wait... wanna guess what it's called? It's called: "Laws of Attraction." Yup. I created a new series where we would use the science of sex to determine a couple's compatibility.

You can see the trailer I created for the show, "The Laws of Attraction," here.

PLUS, on January 28, 2011 I also sent a copy of the presentation for "Laws of Attraction" to Beyond to see if they would be interested in distributing it internationally. Their response was: "I really like Laws of Attraction." Yes, they liked it so much... they took the title and used it, like lots of my other work, on their series, Mythbusters.


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So, if you're keeping track at home, the instances of work, ideas, content that I have created that has ended up on Mythbusters has reached the astonishing number NINE: 1. Airplane Boarding Experiment, 2. Fastest Way Through Traffic, 3. What Causes Traffic?, 4. Is it faster to drive or fly?, 5. Round-a-bout vs 4-Way Intersection, 6. Effect of Bigger Breasts, 7. Blondes, 8. Effect of Wealth, and 9. Pheremones

These people are bullies. They are brazen. They are malicious. And this is bullshit!

This is not a complete statement of my rights and or factual or legal position, and nothing set forth here or omitted here from is intended as, or shall be deemed to, constitute an admission, admission against interest, or any waiver, relinquishment, or limitation of any of my rights, claims, interests, defenses or positions, whether by law or equity, all of the same being hereby expressly reserved.

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