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Eroticwear for Even the Shy Guys

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Want to bring a sense of adventure into your bedroom? Add some eroticwear! It will give you (and your partner) a newfound sense of adventure. The best kind of eroticwear? The kind that makes you feel sexy, irresistible -- potent. And we don't mean sport-sexy or revealing underwear; no, we're talking about teasing, see-through underwear with sensual designs that are the opposite of conventional.

We at The Underwear Expert realize that not every man likes eroticwear. Not everyone wants to be overtly sexual, but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy yourself with eroticwear!

If you're a fan of the sheer look, try out pairs by Clever, Dirt Squirrel, and Gregg Homme. These brands have full-coverage boxers with see-through elements, but are never see-through in the pouch area, so those shy guys don't have to worry at the gym!

Andrew Christian and PPÜ opt for cut-out designs; N2N has incorporated form-fitting metallic material into their Liquid Skin Short. The Ultra Suede Bikini has a metal ring on the right hip. It's subtle, yet fun and sexy.

Do any of the above eroticwear styles appeal to you? Which looks would you wear?


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