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Discussing Croudsource Marketing with Epirot Ludvik Nekaj -- CEO of Ludvik + Partners

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When I first met Epirot I immediately felt very welcomed -- it's just his personality. We spent a few minutes just talking about Internet Week in NYC and our good friend Ted Rubin. I could not help but to mention how beautiful the Ludvik + Partners office space is -- it was something out of a photography magazine. And the reason it looks so beautiful is because it's a shared space with a professional photographer -- we should all be so lucky.

Epi spent a few minutes giving me a tour and then we sat outside on the balcony. It was a beautiful warm NYC afternoon so I appreciated being outside. Unfortunately, it was a bit noisy (for the mic) so we opted to come back inside and talk about what Ludvik + Partners does best -- crowdsourcing. Let's listen in as Epi educates me on the value of crowdsourcing.