Discussing Major, Social Issues? Here, Let Me Disprove Them with My Individual Anecdotes

Oh hey there -- couldn't help but notice that you were discussing a macro issue, one that affects an entire community, country, perhaps the world at large.  An incredibly deep-seated, systemic problem that requires a considerable amount of thought, research, and open-minded understanding.

Don't mind me as I barge in, but I just need to let you know that you're wrong.  And I'm going to prove that wrongness by providing my individual experience.

Now, I'm no sociologist, economist, historian...truth be told, I don't even pay that much attention to the news.  But I do know myself, and my memory of my incredibly specific upbringing, experiences, personality, and geographical location can serve as the litmus test for anybody, anywhere.

Talking about poverty and privilege, you say?  Here, let me tell you about how I pulled myself up by my bootstraps.  I wasn't born with a silver spoon and I've been able to stay above the poverty line.  I worked hard in my very individual situation, therefore I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that being poor is a choice in every possible situation.

Addiction, you say?  Well, I haven't exactly read up on the statistics, history, neurobiology, or even a passing article on the subject.  But I will tell you about that time I stayed away from drugs, even though people in my high school were all doing it.  Saying no is not that hard, and I am proof of that!

Racism, sexism?  C'mon now!  Let me tell you about that time in my life that can totally disprove that either of those concepts are actually alive and well in this extremely nuanced and complicated society.  I mean, if that very isolated event can happen to me, then surely racism and sexism do not exist in the way you think it does!

Listen, I know it was rude of me to cut you off right as you were talking about some "socio-economic" dynamic -- something-something-something about taking in the big picture and thinking longterm -- but I just had to intervene. 

See, I know you're wrong, and my individual experiences are proof of that.