Diseased by Thoughts?

It is a fact that many autoimmune diseases and illness are closely linked to stress. The medical society has diagnosed me with Lupus. They informed me that I should monitor my stress levels and the foods I eat. At the time of my diagnosis, the information I received about stress and autoimmune disease was not clear; I gave no thought to underlying stressors. However, just because I was unaware I had unhealed emotional issues, does not mean they didn’t exist. Underlying stressors showed up in my physical health exams. My physical and emotional health was on a roller coaster. It drove me insane because I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I did not know that my past was an issue.

I finally took notice and accepted the fact that my past pain contributed to my toxic thought process, which aided to severe lupus flares. Days after I would engage in conflict with another person I would get dangerously sick. I was experiencing a delayed response to emotional stress. So, I began to think: If I am sick from a minor conflict how much of this sickness was due to unresolved conflict? I thought about all the emotions I felt from past conflicts-hurts, anger, rejection, shame, and abandonment. My unresolved issues had to be dealt with, and they were manifesting negatively in my physical body.

Furthermore, my reactions to familiar toxic emotions needed a new route of travel. I needed to change how I was responding to what I was feeling. What I needed to do was examine myself to see if I was reacting to conflict from my past experiences or to the conflict in my present. After, much research and counseling I began to learn how to respond differently to life in general. When I began to take ownership of the fact that my extreme range of emotions was not warranted, I learned to deal with my pain. Acknowledging my past hurts/ trauma was one way I begin my physical healing journey. As my thoughts were changing, my physical life began to follow suit.

I began to speak these affirmations over my body: I love you, and I will no longer harbor negative emotions that are damaging you. Applying the word of God to my painful past helped me heal. I believe God Created us in His image. God created the body to be disease free, not sick or sickly. That means we should be healthy. Genesis 1:27 (NIV) God created man in his own image…

I found an amazing support group called Sisters Against Lupus, the founder Kawanna Perine is an amazing person. She has helped me to accept some truths about this disease and I am grateful for her voice! Knowing that I am not alone in this battle has meant the world to me.

What unresolved conflict are you ignoring?

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