Disemboweler Jon Stewart Eviscerates Blogosphere (VIDEO)

Addressing his appearance on the "O'Reilly Factor" this week, Jon Stewart took some time to wonder why the face-off was so hyped up, pointing to the blogosphere for creating the adversarial environment.

"The truth is, I was surprised the O'Reilly interview took place at all. Not because of any difficulty Bill and I would have discussing issues with each other. Because I thought Fox News was gone, seeing as I, myself, had destroyed it."

Stewart then flashed a headline from some website called The Huffington Post (whatever that is) that began with "Jon Stewart Destroys Fox News." Surprised at his apparent power to devastate with dick jokes, he then recapped all the hyperbolic words that have dominated the blogosphere's headlines: eviscerates, disembowels, mauls, hammers, rips, slams and even "bitch-slap."

"If you just followed this show on the blogs, you would think I was just running around town, cutting people open from scrote to sternum, wearing their skin as a trophy."

After taking blog headline writers to task, Stewart suggested a hyperbolic headline: "Stewart Skullf#@ks Blogosphere." Well, we won't top that in our future headlines...but we'll try.


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