Mary Trump Says It's 'Disgraceful' Her Uncle Is Spending 9/11 Commenting On Boxing Match

"That tells us everything we need to know about the current state of the Republican Party," Donald Trump's niece told CNN.

Mary Trump pummeled her uncle Donald Trump’s decision to provide commentary for a pay-per-view heavyweight fight on the 20th anniversary of the tragic Sept. 11 attacks, calling it “disgraceful.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper quizzed the former president’s niece on Thursday about her reaction to her uncle’s highly controversial choice.

“Does it surprise you, even by his low standard?” Cooper asked. “If another former president decided to spend 9/11 commenting on a boxing match on pay-per-view, people would … their heads would explode.”

The psychologist responded that Trump is held to “no standard” and that it’s a major problem.

“For reasons that are very difficult to understand, there is a completely different standard that Donald’s held to,” she told Cooper. “In fact, he’s held to no standard.”

“It’s disgraceful. And if there is no blowback on the right for this — ‘disgraceful’ isn’t a strong enough word to describe what you just mentioned — then that tells us everything we need to know about the current state of the Republican Party,” she noted. “It tells us that the Democrats really need to start wrapping their heads around the fact that this is not a party that can be worked with, this is not a party that should be conceded to.”

Digital streaming service FITE announced on Tuesday that Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. will “offer their perspective” during Saturday’s heavyweight fight between Evander Holyfield and Vitor Belfort at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida.

Holyfield signed on after the fighter who was previously scheduled, Oscar De La Hoya, tested positive for COVID-19 last week.

I love great fighters and great fights. I look forward to seeing both this Saturday night and sharing my thoughts ringside,” Trump said in a statement.

TMZ reported that Trump was gleefully boasting to friends about the “obscene” amount of money he’d be making by providing commentary.

Getting a bit carried away on Thursday, the ex-president also boasted that he could “probably” beat President Joe Biden in a fight (even though he lost to him in the presidential election).

Trump claimed that his successor in the White House would “be in big trouble” if the two faced each other in a ring, adding, “I think Biden would go down within the first few seconds.”

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