Dish The Dirt: Denise Austin On Saddlebag Slimmers & Fit Bottoms

Polar opposites in childhood, finding middle ground as adults, I met up with Denise Austin, fitness guru, to discuss saddlebag slimmers and fit bottoms.
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This past week, this 50 pound big-time-loser met up with Denise Austin, America's #1 fitness guru at the Skecher's New York stop on the "Shape Up America" tour.

Denise Austin ventured into fitness - big time - at the age of 12, playing the gymnast. As opposed to myself, who at the age of 12 ventured into obesity, playing the 'fattest!'

Polar opposites in childhood, finding middle ground as adults, I met up with Denise Austin, fitness guru, to discuss saddlebag slimmers and fit bottoms.

JT: Hi Denise. I'm so excited to be walking and talking with my favorite fitness guru! As I understand it, you ventured into fitness big time at the age of 12, as a gymnast and that your philosophy is to make fitness fun and fit it in wherever!!! To that end ... I need to know...

Do you REALLY do leg lifts while brushing your teeth every night?

DA: I do whenever I remember to do it. I always lean forward which gives you a little stretch and then I sometimes bend my knee to do a leg curl.

JT: And how exactly do you work your thighs while on the phone?

DA: I'm on the phone so much with work and my personal life, so I try to make the most of every minute. Walking lunges are great for thighs. Leg squats are also great to do while you are on the phone. Just all you do bend your kness like you're going to sit in a chair making sure to keep your knees aligned over your ankle and then stand up straight squeezing your butt on the way up.

I also like to do leg lifts out to the side. All you do is stand with your feet together and extend your leg to the side... I call this one the saddlebag slimmer as it's really great to slim those hips which is a trouble spot for lots of women.

JT: What is your soul goal?

DA: To be happy healthy... and to share my life with my family and good friends and spend more time with them; not just 'quality' time, but more time. I enjoy all my relationships with my husband, my kids, my sisters and my girlfriends and maintaining a healthy relationships across the board nurtures my soul.

JT: How does exercising feed your soul goal?

DA: Exercise is a great way to get rid of stress and anxiety. It clears the head and gets rid of all that stuff that is annoying you and really isn't all that important. It filters out any grouchie-ness - it's a great mental filter.

I also love to go for a good walk - it makes me feel good. Seeing nature, breathing fresh air makes me grateful and feels good.

JT: What's your greatest personal challenge?

DA: Finding the right balance I think is a challenge for everyone and to be able to be able to balance husband, kids and career and maintain a harmony in all that I love to do. It's challenging because I love all that I do and I want to do so much, but I can't do it all.

JT: What is the most interesting thing that is happening your life right now?

DA: Wow, there is so much happening right now... There is the SKECHERS Shape up America Tour which has been a great experience traveling around the country and meeting people. We've literally seen thousands of people as we travel from city to city who are not getting out to walk in their SKECHERS Shape-ups. I also have two new DVDs coming out for the holidays; a new book due in January and am also developing a new TV show for 2010.

JT: What takes you off course?

DA: Food! I love to eat and go out to dinner with friends and family and order all kinds of things. I love dessert.

JT: How do you get back on course?

DA: I wake up the next day and do a more challenging workout or add on a few extra minutes. But I don't let things get me down. I approach each day as a fresh start.

JT: If you were to fill yourself with words, what would they be?

DA: It's the same words and phrases I tell people all the time, 'You're worth it; take the time for yourself to be healthy; and I deserve my own time.'

JT: What is the most important thing you know?

DA: That life is so short and I realized that when my mother passed away. You really need to live with no regrets. Life is very precious. This is the real thing!

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