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5 Meals You Can Cook In A Dishwasher, And Actually Want To Eat

No joke.

The dishwasher is an amazing appliance. It has not only saved us loads of time, but our hands have been spared hours of monotonous, skin-drying dish washing. And it turns out the appliance can do a lot more than wash your dishes (and other household items). The dishwasher can, with some success, actually cook you a gourmet meal.

The guys behind Sorted Food have tested nine different dishes to cook in the dishwasher -- all ambitious meals, too. From sponge cakes to pork chops to couscous, they put the dishwasher to the test and found that sometimes it can actually make a pretty good dinner. Watch the video below to find out which foods work, and which fail terribly. If you're brave enough to try it at home just remember, never add soap if using the dishwasher for cooking.

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