Here's What Really Goes On Inside A Dishwasher (VIDEO)

So, This Is What Really Goes On Inside A Dishwasher

Behind a closed door, a Go-Pro camera captured the mysterious mechanics of Mr. Clean's biggest foe: the dishwasher.

In this pristine Hero 3 Go-Pro footage -- which was uploaded to YouTube in 2013 but gained attention this week -- YouTube user Bito solves the mystery of what really goes on inside those cleaning behemoths.

It's pretty much what you'd expect: Rinse, wash, repeat. But, it's a fascinating glimpse inside a water world we humans will never set foot inside.

Watch as a small hose rises in the center of the appliance and spews out water with increasing vigor, similar to a sprinkler. Things get particularly wild around the 2-minute mark.

Take a look at the revealing footage of dish cleaning's most intense affair, above.

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