Disinformation Tag Team: Shrub Takes Over From Amateur Hadley

Disinformation Tag Team: Shrub Takes Over From Amateur Hadley
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Update: Earlier today I posted on Stephen Hadley's lame attempt to misdirect the MSM away from Bush Administration lies and onto earlier top Democrats' foolishness, cowardice, or gullibility.

But then the more famous tag team wrestler, the "Unmasked Shrub", tapped Hadley on the shoulder and took over the attack.

And no, the sign behind him did not say "Strategery for Victory"...nor did it have a question mark at the end...

But the MENSA man who once said he would get rid of evil (isn't that Jesus' job?), and then declared war on a tactic, said we would not withdraw until "complete victory".

The man who makes his own realities attacked revisionists.

The head cherry-picker then tried to defend his misleadership by cherry-picking his opponents--in this case, those Democrats who voted with him under the duress of misleading and cherry-picked intelligence, a "sexed-up" NIE, and the pressure of an upcoming election.

Hey George--there are plenty of people out there who knew the war was wrong, immoral, and stupid, long before it started. Indeed, most of the world shared that opinion, and said so loudly at the time.

And some of the war's opponents were Democrats, even back then.

So if you want to have a debate about the run-up to the war, why don't you debate the people who were correct, rather than the ones who believed you?

And even though those Democrats who trusted Bush & Cheney were foolish and wrong, the MSM needs to remember that it's the Bushies in charge, on trial (or should be), and accused of manipulating, misusing, hyping, and cherry-picking the intelligence.

It was the Shrub's team putting out all the disinformation. (Speaking of which, Karl Rove went with the Shrub to the speech on Air Force One--hasn't he been indicted yet?)

It's the Shrub who has lost his reputation for honesty (AP headline: "Most Americans Say Bush Not Honest"), and is now attacking some of his opponents in a desperate attempt to gain it back.

In any case, there is no exception under the Nuremberg principles for "tricking your political opponents"--you are still a war criminal if you commit war crimes, no matter which of your peers you can fool into joining you.

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