D.C. Coffee Shops Have Ingenious Plan To Take Down Starbucks With The 'Disloyalty Card'

Independent Coffee Shops' Ingenious Plan To Take Down Starbucks

There's an attack on big business in Washington! A half-dozen independent coffee shops in the nation's capital have banded together to lure consumers away from that French-roasted behemoth known as Starbucks.

"D.C. Disloyalty Card" holders will get a stamp when they visit Peregrine Espresso, Filter, The Coffee Bar, Chinatown Coffee Company, La Mano and the Blind Dog Cafe. Once six stamps are collected, the disloyal card-holder can enjoy a free drink from one of the participating shops.

dc disloyalty

"The card is a fun way to get baristas and customers talking with each other," Dawn Shanks, a Peregrine Espresso barista who helped create the card, told the Washington Post. "It also reflects the connection all the individual shops have with one another -- the coffee community is a supportive and close-knit group."

Shops are already running out of the cards; 500 were made in the initial printing, and more may be on the way, according to DC Eater. We've heard no official word from Starbucks on this topic, though we imagine the company is currently frothing with a hint of pumpkin spice.

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