Here's Banksy's Dismaland In GIFs, So You Don't Have To Make The Trip

You're so very welcome.

This year's hottest theme park features dead princesses, intentionally rude staff members, bleak black balloons, a defunct online ticketing system, funeral games, seemingly endless rain, a "selfie hole" surrounded by emptiness, not-so-subtle reminders of economic inequality and a grim reaper riding the bumper cars -- most of which is purposeful, some, not so much.

We're talking about Banksy's "Dismaland," and, no, it's not really meant for children. 

The street artist's recently opened prank installation, dubbed a "bemusement park," is located in the seaside UK town of Weston-super-Mare. Banksy described the satirical exhibition as a "theme park whose big theme is -- theme parks should have bigger themes." The wildly buzzy temporary exhibition runs until late September, but if you don't feel like flying around the world only to deal with incompetent ticket machines and grumpy security guards, we humbly present you with a tempting alternative ... GIFs! 

Because nothing says "theme parks suck" like not going to a theme park, especially when you can virtually peruse the premises. Check out one of the year's most miserable exhibitions -- and I mean that in the best possible way -- below, courtesy of the GIF makers of Giphy, and let us know whether you're praising its genius or calling BS on the wildly hyped ordeal.

On that note, "Welcome to Dismaland!" (Imagine this being said in a monotone voice by a super crotchety security guard.) 

You can watch the entire trailer for the theme park below.




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