Disney Characters Shadow Unsuspecting Mall Shoppers

Disney's Mall Prank Will Make Your Day

With New York in the grips of record low temperatures, it might seem like only a little Disney magic could thaw the place out. And that's just what some unsuspecting shoppers in a Long Island mall got when they found themselves being shadowed by Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck and more during a recent hidden-camera stunt to promote the company's "Disney Side" ad campaign.

The characters were working behind the opaque windows of the "Umbra Penumbra Magic Shop" at the Westfield Sunrise Center in Massapequa. The name of the shop refers to two parts of a shadow.

The store also claims it was established in 1955, not coincidentally the year Disneyland first opened.

Check it out in the clip above... and prepare to be impressed by some pretty slick dance moves from a certain mouse.

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