Disney Emojis Are Coming Soon And They're Game Changers

Prepare for texts filled with Buzz Lightyear.

Introducing your new fave emojis! 

... but you’ll have to work for them. 

Disney Games recently released a video about a collection of new Disney and Pixar-themed emojis through the app Disney Emoji Blitz, which is coming soon to iOS and Android. To unlock new emojis, you’ll have to play some match 3 games, which we are SO down to do for sweet “Monster’s, Inc.” characters. 

We're planning to respond to everything with Mike Wazowski. 
We're planning to respond to everything with Mike Wazowski. 

According to the app’s page, there are 400+ emojis up for the taking, with characters and items from “The Little Mermaid,” “The Lion King” and “Toy Story” among other beloved films and franchises. 

Users are able to play match-3 while earning prizes, completing missions and of course, collecting emojis to be shared using the special Emoji Blitz keyboard. 

So get excited because pretty soon, you’ll be able to answer every beach-related text with a cheesin’ Ariel. 



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