Disney Flash Mob Proposal: Jamin Love And Valerie Albania

Who knew that Southern California was full of hopeless romantics? Cue the Kleenex...

Just one day after UCLA student Nam Tran proposed to his girlfriend via flash mob, dancer Jamin Love pulls the same (albeit better-choreographed) stunt at Downtown Disney.

The newly engaged Jamin Love and Valerie Albania have been together almost six years and they are both directors at the Marvels Dance Company.

The couple's friend Jamie D. took to her Tumblr to gush about the flash mob proposal -- and why it almost didn't happen. On the day of the proposal, the dance troupe went to check out the scene when Disney security informed them that a permit was needed. Jamin was able to move the surprise proposal to another part of Downtown Disney with the help of security.

Jamie D. summed it up nicely: "It wasn’t about the angles, our lines or how many times we messed up…we were just living in the moment… in the happiness."

It looks like for Jamin and Valerie, Disneyland will always be the Happiest Place on Earth.

CORRECTION: The content of this entry has been edited to reflect Jamie D.'s quote source -- her Tumblr: Soli Deo Gloria. Her story and other images from the proposal can be found on her site.