New Trailer For Disney's 'Frozen 2' Finds Elsa And Anna On Epic Adventure

The sequel to the 2013 smash is said to focus on Elsa's quest to find the origin of her powers, and will feature a new song called "Into the Unknown."

Elsa and Anna are, once again, women on a mission in the latest trailer for Disney’s “Frozen 2.”

The new clip, released Monday, finds Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) embarking on a journey to through an enchanted forest to discover the source of her magical powers. Joining her are Anna (Kristen Bell), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and their lovable snowman sidekick, Olaf (Josh Gad).

“Let go of the past, answer the call,” the trailer’s tagline reads. It’s an obvious nod to “Let It Go,” the smash, Oscar-winning song from 2013’s “Frozen.”

Though specifics of the “Frozen 2” plot are still under wraps, Menzel dropped a few hints in a Hollywood Reporter interview earlier this month.

“Elsa has a calling. She’s hearing this voice that’s sort of calling her into the unknown,” Menzel said. “And it’s kind of a quest to unveil some secrets of their past, but even more so to understand who she is and why she has the power she does, and what her purpose is in the world.”

Much of the early buzz on “Frozen 2” has focused on the film’s soundtrack, which reportedly will include a song called “Into the Unknown.”

“Everyone always asks is it the next ‘Let it Go’? That’s lightning in a bottle,” Menzel said of the song. “All I know is this music really moved me when I heard it, and it moved me more when I was interpreting it.”

Expectations for “Frozen 2” are especially high, given the cultural imprint of “Frozen,” which raked in a reported $1.2 billion at the box office worldwide.

Frozen 2” is due in theaters Nov. 22.

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