Two Disney Lovers Got Married And The Pics Are Positively Enchanting

Pure magic!
05/30/2017 05:06pm ET | Updated June 1, 2017

These two Disney-loving brides just got their fairytale wedding.

In April, Japanese couple Ryo and Haru indulged their Disney obsession when they tied the knot at Tokyo DisneySea after 13 years together.

Ryo and Haru often cosplay together as various Disney characters.

Haru paired her wedding gown with a green bow that bore a pattern similar to the one Princess Anna wore in “Frozen,” while Ryo accented her dress with a blue sash as a nod to Queen Elsa.

“Since I was little, I loved Disney movies,” Ryo told HuffPost. “I longed for a happy ending. We have many friends who like Disney. Tokyo DisneySea is a place with lots of fun memories with us and our friends.”

The beautiful brides. 

At this time, same-sex couples cannot legally marry in Japan, but some local governments issue certificates recognizing these partnerships that provide some of the benefits of marriage, such as hospital visitation rights.

“We cannot become a married couple with a marriage certificate,” Haru told BuzzFeed Japan. “Something that normally gets done with a piece of paper does not apply to us. That is why having a ceremony is meaningful. Saying the vows in front of everyone and being treated as a married couple makes us one.”

Haru and Ryo have been a couple for more than a decade. 

Disney has played a magical role throughout the couple’s relationship. The pair even got engaged at Tokyo Disney during a Halloween event at the park, dressed as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from “Tangled.”

Courtesy of the couple
Haru dressed as Rapunzel and Ryo dressed as Flynn Rider for the engagement. 
Courtesy of the couple
The couple's rings were also inspired by the movie "Tangled." 

Initially, Ryo didn’t want to have a wedding because it meant she would have to come out to her parents and she was unsure how her father would take the news. Fortunately, he was far more open-minded than she anticipated; she and her dad even performed a father-daughter dance on the wedding day. You can watch a video of the rehearsal below:

“[My parents] had an opportunity to experience an open-minded LGBT culture on one of their travels abroad,” Ryo told BuzzFeed. “They had become more flexible, partly due to such experiences, and they easily accepted me.”

The couple covered their faces in some of the wedding photos to ensure some level of privacy. According to BuzzFeed, they have not come out to the senior management at their companies. 

“Surely, true love is the strongest magic,” Ryo told HuffPost.

For more on their inspiring love story, head over to BuzzFeed. Below, even more images from the couple’s enchanting affair:

This story has been updated with additional commentary from the brides.

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