Disney MagicBands to Deliver New Experiences

Kids all around the world dream about the day they visit the magical world of Disney. For many of these children, Disney parks and resorts represent a world of legend filled with enchanted princesses, celebrated adventures and beloved animated characters turned into real-life photo opportunities. Beginning this spring, Disney plans to issue digital ID bracelets to collect and analyze visitor preferences and spending information with just the tap of a wrist -- thus helping to materialize each customer's Disney dreams by offering individualized experiences and tailored marketing information.

The MagicBands will track the activity of guests in an effort to manage theme park employees and attractions more efficiently and personalize guest entertainment. By accessing personal information uploaded into the vacation management system -- MyMagic+ -- Disney can customize its marketing messages. Visiting Disney World for Jane's 5th birthday? Her favorite character will now be able to wish her a happy birthday using her name after accessing the Disney database containing guest information. MagicBands also eliminate the need for users to carry tickets, cash, credit cards and hotel keys.

For Disney, this digital advancement in entertainment management focuses on enhancing guest experiences in order to drive park sales. Disney's positive efforts in technological innovation can sometimes raise consumer concerns. For those individuals worried about privacy, guests are not forced to wear the MagicBands and will be able to choose what information they share in the database. Consent serves as the foundation of any such data management system, as the release of your personal information remains in your power. Don't like the idea of sharing your information with Disney? Then you can choose not to.

As new technology emerges, consumers become more aware of their digital privacy. The importance of caution when considering our digital information and activities remains clear. However, we must also consider the opportunities such forms of technology offer, especially when used correctly and securely. Historically, the positives of utilizing new technology outweigh the negatives. In Disney's case, guests will now have the chance to book guaranteed times for favorite shows and attractions, as well as receive updates on when lines are the smallest, before they even step foot in the park.

The aforementioned enhancements address some of the improvements guests have wished for over the past few years. At the end of the day, Disney is doing what Disney does best -- making the happiest place on earth, happy for consumer privacy.

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