Disney Parks Might Soon Add Marvel Characters

Marvel Characters Coming To Disney Parks

Mickey and Minnie might soon be getting new friends at Disney parks. The Walt Disney Co. President and CEO Bob Iger announced early plans to add Marvel features to the parks at a shareholder meeting Tuesday, reports The Orange County Register.

"We haven't announced anything yet," Iger said in the Los Angeles Times. "But we're working on some concepts."

Since The Walt Disney Co. acquired Marvel Entertainment Inc. in 2009 it has been talking about integrating Marvel's collection of 5,000 characters into its businesses, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Visitors to Orlando might already recognize Marvel's characters from their roost on Marvel's Super Hero Island, which features attractions like the Incredible Hulk Coaster, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and Doctor Doom's Fearfall. Plenty of Marvel merchandise is sold as well. Universal Studios has the rights in perpetuity for Super Hero Island.

Some Marvel merchandise has been available at Disneyland. As for where the Marvel characters will be worked in, there is no answer yet.

“It’s our hope that in a few places around the world, Marvel characters will appear either in attractions or lands or in some form to provide entertainment, like our Disney characters do," said Iger in The Orange County Register.

In September 2011, Disney announced plans to build an attraction based on the movie "Avatar" at Disney World's Animal Kingdom park. It's expected to open sometime in 2015.

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