Disney Princes Appear On Men's Magazine Covers

LOOK: Disney Princes Become Cover Models

With all of the attention that the Disney Princesses get, it's only fair to occasionally give their male counterparts a moment in the spotlight. To that end, the Disney Princes are now gracing the covers of men's magazines, promising to share their tips on castle living and being dashingly handsome with non-animated males everywhere.

Back in December, the Tumblr Petite Tiaras put up some women's magazine covers artfully photoshopped to feature Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel and other members of the gang. Each princess was matched with a lady mag that fit her personality -- classic beauty Snow White got the cover of Vogue, while Pocahantas' indie nature-girl aesthetic snagged her the cover of NYLON -- and this new collection follows much the same model. (Though differentiating the personalities of each prince must have been a challenge -- aren't they all just bland Prince Charmings?)

Just as Cinderella got the cover of Elle, a women's magazine focused on fashion, her other half -- the original Prince Charming -- was placed on the male equivalent, GQ. The cover lines promise readers stories about crazy sister-in-laws, fairy godmothers and tips on "How to Look Your Best at the Next Ball." (Hopefully that piece includes a note to ditch the hair gel.) Prince Eric poses on the cover of Men's Journal, which promises a personal account of how he won over The Little Mermaid. Prince Ferdinand holds an apple on the cover of Men's Vogue, so that you actually know who he is, and Sleeping Beauty's beau Prince Philip models 14th-century capes in Esquire.

Unfortunately, the more modern Disney men haven't made it to cover boy fame yet. Who wouldn't pay $3.99 for Aladdin's Details modeling debut?

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