Disney Lipsticks Are Every Princess-At-Heart's Dream Come True

"Go on and kiss the girl."

The Disney princesses have been reimagined in every way you can think -- without makeup, with short hair, plus-sized, and the list goes on. Now, you can reimagine yourself as one of those very princesses (or an evil queen, for that matter).

LA Splash, the cosmetics company that brought you those magical Harry Potter lipsticks, recently released a Disney-themed line, featuring the likes of Ariel, Jasmine, the evil queen and even Nala.

While not as wacky as the Harry Potter-themed lip wear, this $14-a-pop range of deep, rich reds, soft beiges and playful pinks have something for every princess-at-heart.

A spokesperson for the brand told The Huffington Post that what makes its waterproof lipsticks so special is the "magical stay-on power, with up to a true 8 hours matte wear," meaning you won't have to worry about it coming off mid-party.

That glass slipper, on the other hand, is a different story.

Head to LA Splash to purchase.

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