Disney Princesses As The Avengers (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Disney Princesses Get A MAJOR Makeover

Just a few years after Disney bought Marvel, the merger is having a distinct effect on some of each company's most beloved characters... In one artist's imagination, at least.

In work posted on deviantART, Christopher Stoll has reimagined Disney princesses (and the Sultan from "Aladdin") as characters from "The Avengers" -- for instance, transforming Pocahontas into an "empowered" Captain America and Snow White into an intimidating Hulk-hybrid heroine whose bad side we most definitely wouldn't want to see.

At a time when it's still depressingly normal for franchises like "The Avengers" to be marketed with sexist slogans, Stoll's art is a powerful way to flip princess culture inside out. And if he's ever moved to put his own images on T-shirts, we already know the perfect model.

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Princess Avengers: Mulan as Hawkeye

Disney Princesses As The Avengers

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