9 Photos Of Disney Princesses Transformed Into Indian Brides

Belle and Snow White just got some awesome updates.

It's thanks in part to Amrit Grewal, a Vancouver-based wedding photographer, who told The Huffington Post that although Disney princess themes are popular for weddings in general, Indian brides generally stay away from them.

"Our aim was to show them that they have the options of incorporating these ideas too into their weddings," he explained. So Grewal and a few others embarked on a unique project: reimagining the characters in traditional Indian bridal wear.

The photo series was conceptualized and directed by Jasmine Nijjar, the marketing manager for Wellgroomed Designs, an Indian couture bridal salon in Vancouver.

Universal Decor Events created the sets, and Grewal, who signed on later, shot the photos. They were originally published in South Asian Bride Magazine, and Grewal said the response has been tremendous.

"We were so incredibly happy that it was all positive," he said. "There was finally a look that Indian brides could aspire to that worked with their ethnicity and as a team, we were extremely proud to have been able to provide that joy to them."

Check out the shoot below, courtesy of Amrit Photography:

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