Disney Princesses With Period Stains Remind Us Menstruation Isn’t Shameful

"Girls get their period once a month. Sometimes it gets messy. Get over it."

There's nothing wrong with a little period blood.

Middle Eastern artist Saint Hoax is trying to take the shame away from menstrual blood by illustrating Disney princesses with period stains on their dresses. On July 21, Saint Hoax posted three images on Instagram, including Snow White, Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" and Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty" -- all with period stains.

"Disney princesses are perceived as perfect females," Saint Hoax told The Huffington Post. "Portraying them with period stains implies that could happen to any female and it's a natural process."

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Along with each illustration, Saint Hoax included an anecdote that inspired him to create the images. He wrote that his female friend had gone on a date and during dinner her period had left a bloodstain on her skirt and her date did not handle the situation well. When he didn't call her back after the date, Saint Hoax's friend sent her date a text message apologizing. The date texted her back, saying, "How can I date a girl who doesn’t know what a Tampon is?"

After describing the story, Saint Hoax wrote on Instagram:

These blooded Disney princesses are my reaction to her story. There’s a lot of ignorance and shame surrounding this subject. The fact that she felt the need to apologize for something so natural is more appalling than a period stain. Girls get their period once a month. Sometimes it gets messy. Get over it. #BloodyPrincess

Although menstrual cycles are a natural part of the female body -- not to mention a big part of creating babies -- women are repeatedly shamed for and encouraged to hide their periods. "As a guy, I never had a problem understanding menstrual cycles because I was surrounded by girls and women in my family," he said. "My mother explained to me early on how a period works and that there is nothing shameful or appalling about it. That kind of awareness is what people are lacking."

"Parents assume that just because they have a son he doesn't need to learn about periods," Saint Hoax went on. "Girls should never be apologetic about this, it's completely natural. Would anyone apologize for a nosebleed?"

No, they wouldn't. Feminist gold star to you, Saint Hoax.

Check out the rest of Saint Hoax's images below.

A photo posted by Saint Hoax (@sainthoax) on

A photo posted by Saint Hoax (@sainthoax) on

Period party anyone?

Head over to Saint Hoax's website to see more of the artist's work.

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