Disney World Has Had Enough Of The Selfie Sticks, Will Ban Them Entirely

It was once "the place where dreams come true." And it still is, for the most part -- unless that dream is to carry around a selfie stick unimpeded.

Walt Disney World is rumored to be banning the notorious devices from its theme parks, potentially as soon as June 26, an unnamed source told Inquisitr Thursday.

Walt Disney World News Today, an independent blog about the company's parks, also reported the rumor, adding that guests found in possession of selfie sticks will have the option of either checking in the contraband and retrieving it later in the day, or leaving the park entirely.

Disney representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

If true, the selfie stick ban couldn't come at a more appropriate time. On Wednesday, ride operators at Disney California Adventure Park halted a roller coaster midway through a ride after a guest attempted to take a picture using a selfie stick at the ride's apex.

In May, Disney cracked down on selfie sticks on rides, posting signs at various attractions in several of its parks to remind guests the devices weren't allowed:

UPDATE: 6/26, 9:00 a.m. -- A Disney spokeswoman confirmed Friday morning that the park will ban selfie sticks starting Tuesday, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

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