Conservatives Shocked As 'Baymax!' Shows – GASP – Trans Man Shopping For Health Products

The new Disney+ series is based on the 2014 movie "Big Hero 6."

A new animated Disney+ series based on the 2014 movie “Big Hero 6” is upsetting conservatives because it includes a scene with a transmasculine man shopping for a menstrual product.

“Baymax!” premiered on Wednesday and features a robot dedicated to helping other people in their community, according to the show’s official description. Prior to its debut, however, the series faced criticism from conservative writer Christopher Rufo over a scene where a man who rocks a transgender flag T-shirt shops for tampons, The Daily Beast reported.

You can watch a clip of the scene below:

Rufo tweeted that the scene was part of Disney’s “plan to re-engineer the discourse around kids and sexuality.”

Rep. Bryan Slaton (R-Texas), whose pinned tweet notes that “drag shows are no place for a child,” called the clip “so sick and weird,” according to The Houston Chronicle.

Another scene from “Baymax!” features the robot encouraging one man to date another man, the newspaper reported.

A number of Twitter users poked fun at conservatives who were upset about the show’s depiction of trans people:

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