Disney Star Mitchel Musso Arrested For DUI

Disney Star Arrested For DUI

Former "Hannah Montana" star Mitchel Musso was arrested for drunk driving in Burbank, Calif., yesterday reports TMZ.

Law enforcement officials told the website the 20-year-old actor, who currently stars on Disney's "Pair of Kings" and lends his voice to the cartoon series "Phineas and Ferb," was given a breathalyzer test and blew well above the .08 BAC limit.

According to police, the underage actor was pulled over at 3:43 a.m. after he failed to slow down for police officers who were directing traffic.

"An officer was directing traffic and Musso failed to slow down when coming to the intersection," Burbank Police Sgt. Sean Kelley told E! News. "He didn't obey instructions and was pulled over. A DUI investigation was held and he was given a field sobriety test."

When officers approached the actor's 2007 Mereces Benz they detected a "strong odor of alcohol," reports TMZ. After Musso failed the breathalyzer test he was booked on suspicion of DUI and bail was set at $5,000.

The Disney star spent a few hours drying out, but it seems he didn't suffer too much. According to E! News, Musso was ultimately freed without having to pay the bail because he didn't have any outstanding warrants, and police will not be releasing his mug shot.

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