Disney Store Is No Longer Identifying Halloween Costumes By Gender

Now they're just "for kids."

The Disney Store has taken a step to make sure that kids feel encouraged to choose from any of its Halloween costumes, regardless of their gender.

In the past, Disney promoted its Halloween costumes by identifying them as either girls' costumes or boys' costumes.

For Halloween this year, the company's site is promoting costumes "for kids" and "for baby." This means kids have all of the store's options at their little fingertips, not just costumes traditionally deemed appropriate for their gender.

Credit: Disney Store

Prior to Disney's decision to ditch these identifiers, an Ohio mom's tweet about Target's "unnecessarily gendered marketing" went viral. In August, Target announced its teams were working to "phase out gender-based signage."

Here's to hoping Disney's move will motivate other retail stores to make their offerings more inclusive.

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