Disney Villains Reimagined As Real People Are Wickedly Delightful

These villains are so bad(ass).

Finnish artist Jirka Väätäinen has made headlines in the past with his enchantingly realistic take on Disney princesses and princes that made us all swoon. 

Well now, the artist has bestowed upon us some illustrations of Disney's iconic bad guys and gals, reimagined as real people. And let's just say, evil never looked so wickedly awesome. 

Väätäinen's sinfully magnificent images include some jaw-dropping interpretations of Ursula, Captain Hook and Maleficent. 

Take a look at the illustrations below! 

  • The Evil Queen, "Snow White"
    Jirka Väätäinen/Oh My Disney
  • Gaston, "Beauty And The Beast"
    Jirka Väätäinen/Oh My Disney
  • Hades, "Hercules"
    Jirka Väätäinen/Oh My Disney
  • Captain Hook, "Peter Pan"
    Jirka Väätäinen/Oh My Disney
  • Maleficent, "Sleeping Beauty"
    Jirka Väätäinen/Oh My Disney
  • Ursula, "The Little Mermaid"
    Jirka Väätäinen/Oh My Disney

To see more of Jirka Väätäinen's work, check out his website here, or his Instagram page here

To see more from Oh My Disney, visit its website here.


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